Sunday, February 19, 2017


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Maggie: I took the girls to a favourite childhood haunt, a waterhole on the North-west bay river. They loved the rock climbing and playing in the water. I have meant to go back this summer, but to be honest I think summer has slipped away from us.
Elisabeth: Oh my. She continues to develop into a confident young miss. In most regards. Rob took this portrait.

Part of the 52 portrait project for 2017.


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Maggie: Yes these are the same series as the last set of portraits from 2016, but I loved these two as well, and when they were strictly taken on the 3rd of January, it is totally legitimate to use them as the first set of 2017. Given how serious the last set were, I thought it appropriate to start a new year with smiles!
Elisabeth: A gorgeous smile. 

Whilst I thought perhaps with all the delays in blogging last year, that perhaps I should stop this project. They photos from the last three years are so precious to me that I couldn't!


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Maggie: Her final portrait in 2016. A classic Maggie measured look. A little annoyed. A little defiant. All Mags.
Elisabeth: About to smile. An open look. Goodness they have grown up this past year.

The final set of portraits for 2016.


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Maggie: Her serious look, softened by those curls!
Elisabeth: She continues to like to see the photos on the back of the camera after they are taken.

Part of my 52 portraits for 2016.


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Maggie: Yikes, channeling her inner Kate Moss! We have continued this monthly set of portraits. Amazing to see the girls grow up as we look back on the set of portraits.
Elisabeth: Poor girls are not often in the mood for these set of photos, as we they are usually on one of our home days before Rob heads to work!

Joining in VERY late with 52 portrait project.
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