Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The grass is greener…

Last week I went to Fremantle for a work meeting I’d organised, my food experiences were varied, some excellent (Maya) and some mediocre (conference catering).

If you visit Fremantle, make sure you go to Maya, the goat curry is not to be missed. The meat is cooked on the bone, and is served in an unctuous, rich sauce.

The hotel was recommended to me because of their lunch buffet. There certainly was a lot of food on offer but after 3 days it was a little dull. I’m always left disappointed by conference catering. The menus look so good on paper, but are invariably lots of heated stews with rice, salad that you have to dress yourself and watered down soft drinks. The desserts seemed to be (unashamedly) mass produced cheesecakes. I guess trying to provide hot food for 60 people all at the same time is problematic. But the dishes just don’t have any flavour, and have been sitting in a Bain Marie for a long time. I’ve only had one enjoyable corporate catering experience (Whisk in Sydney), they served things like lovely fresh salads in mini cardboard takeaway boxes, rice paper rolls and mini bagels.

Anyway, the point is that after a week of eating out, I looked at my camera, and saw this.

The dinner Rob cooked for me the night before I left. Ocean trout with dill and parsley, julienne of carrots and zucchini, and steamed freshly dug pink eyes (not pictured).

Simple, fresh food. That’s what I wanted to eat.

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