Monday, October 25, 2010

Our weekend was:

in two parts; it was a public holiday here in Tasmania (Show Day) on Thursday, but we had to go back to work on Friday. Oh well.

Thursday was an absolute cracker weather wise so we spent the day making the most of it by:
Walking Nigella at the dog beach,
Weeding in the garden,
Eating leftover asparagus, pea, leek, mint and goat cheese frittata on the swing chair,
Hanging out at the block, planting new trees (chinese quinces, a flowering chestnut and some Eucalyptus morrisbyi) and staking out older trees to protect them from wind damage.
The day came to end with a wonderful dinner (cooked by Rob) of roasted spatchcocked chickens (with garlic, red onions, lemon zest, rosemary and thyme), roast potatoes and salad, and I had made a yoghurt blancmange earlier in the day for dessert.

The weekend proper involved shopping at Salamanca (where I found the great ceramic jug above- I couldn't resist it!), toast and raspberry jam, walking around the perimeter of the block checking for wallaby damage to our trees and hiding under a big tree when we got caught in a rain shower. Watching old episodes of Nigella Bites (Rob hit Nigella overload and couldn't bear her anymore!), using up the left over chicken in a risotto, with leeks, broad beans and fennel from our garden. Inspired by Nigella I cooked her chocolate raspberry pudding cake, which was ok, but we won't do again, as Rob said, there are plenty of other cakes to try.
Yesterday involved weeding my lily pots and killing the hundreds of snails that were hiding in amongst them, and getting a little burnt in the process as this took far longer than I thought! A third trip to the block for digging (Rob) and dog grooming (Nigella & I). We headed home and I was spoilt by Rob who cooked dinner: steamed pink eyes, asparagus, peas & mint with bearnaise sauce and rib eye steak. Who needs to go out?

Hope your weekend was just as enjoyable.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The beginning of the Hut

So it's actually started. Eek. The actual building has commenced. The hut has actually started to take shape, albeit in a muddy trench sort of way.
Of course it rained on the day, a lot, so the trenches might be full of water now.
Nigella thought it was done just to provide a fun obstacle course for her to jump over.
She inspected all the holes and sniffed everything.
Rob and I just looked at it in slight disbelief.
Oh and Rob took a lot of photos with Nigella as the scale bar.
Then we headed to the builders house for a celebratory bottle of bubbles!
I'll keep you posted, so to speak.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday Lunch

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I haven't blogged about food for a while.
We have been eating, just too quickly to take a photo!
The season of middle eastern food has begun.
Sunday's menu:
Baba Ghanooj
Za'atar chicken
Lamb kofte
Green beans cooked with onions and tomatoes
It was all good. Very good.
It was my first attempt at lavosh. So much better than shop ones.
They were dead easy to make.
The best bit - we made so much food we also have Monday dinner sorted.

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Tasmanian landscape

Photo: R. Wiltshire
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One of my favourite Rob photos.
Calverts Hill before a storm.
I could almost step out into the grass.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A little crazy

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Do you ever feel a little crazy?
Just excited to be outside in the sun, sniffing the salty air?
Do you love the beach so much, you start squeaking and prowling around in the car on the way there?
If you answered yes to all three you might like to join Nigella on her dog walk.
If this photo doesn't make you laugh I don't know what will.
A second later I'm trying to shield the camera and myself from being licked.
We had a great weekend enjoying the sun in Tasmania, 21°C is roasting down here!
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