Monday, February 28, 2011

Plaster board is all go

Our own personal cathedral, well maybe it's more chapel sized. The top picture is doing my head in, the ceiling looks like it's opening out! Pink bats are quickly being replaced with grey plaster board. The pups love to run up and down, stirring up the dust and fighting over off cuts of timber or plaster.

Every day the hut seems to change in proportions. It will change again when it's painted white inside!
This last photo is Rob's favourite. His shed. It has the cutest little porch for sitting on in the evening, facing west. I can already see us sitting there, glass of something cool in hand.

Sorry if my posts are a little hut focused, but "it's all happening here" as Bill Lawry would say.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Windows and floors

Finally got ourseleves sorted technologically.
Windows. Doors. Polished floors. Pink insulation. Light. Warmth. Quiet.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Our weekend:

What fun we have together over the weekend, the weather was pretty foul in Hobart and we even woke up to snow on the mountain this morning, so our activities were limited.
We had a little pup recovering from the snip; trying to keep a 6 month old German Shepherd quiet is easier said than done! Poor little girl kept looking underneath her to see if something was biting her.
We went shopping for an oven, and after much debate, settled back to a fairly standard oven and cooktop, with the realisation that when we do mass catering events we would tend to use a BBQ. We decided to invest in a BBQ with a side burner and the capability to do rotisserie (this is highly exciting for Rob) rather than a huge oven that we would have to heat up all the time for the two of us.
We went and sat inside the hut and looked out the windows at the rain (what a novelty).
We baked a white chocolate and almong cake with cumquat marmalade. Hmm still in the testing phase that one.
Last night we won this little beauty on ebay. I was a little excited I have to admit, hunched over the iPad counting down the auction time and relaying the bid amounts. I think Rob and Claudia thought I had lost it. Maybe I had. I really wanted this little myrtle bedside as it matched our sideboard.

The highlight culinary wise was a vegetable stir fry, with the veg we'd picked up on Saturday morning at the very soggy Salamanca stalls. After a week of over-indulgence at the meeting it was nice to eat real food that still tasted like vegetables!
P.S. Still working on getting the photo exchange sorted. Should have some pretty pics of windows soon.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Just windows

The last couple of weeks have been a little crazy. Rob headed off for a week long field trip, then the following week I had a 3 day planning meeting. At least I didn't have to fly off to the other end of the country this year, but still the late dinners "networking" took their toll. Hobart put on it's best weather for our visiting colleagues. The pups have lucked out in terms of beach walks, although they've been having a few block runs. Speaking of the block. Big things have happened this week. Windows and doors. We decided on serious Aluminium frames, called Magnum windows. They're all awning windows. Double glazed in the living room. It makes such a difference, the hut really feels like a house now. Rob and I kept doing little happy dances in each room. The two french doors on either side of breezeway look great. The narrow full length windows down the hall throw pools of light along the polished concrete floor. The big window on the end of the hut where the window seat will be. The bi-fold door that will open out onto the patio. The little picture windows on the back wall that look up the hill, frame the view like a real picture. I especially like when the neighbour's belted galloway bull wanders into the frame! Rob and I are still struggling to exchange photos. Hopefully we'll sort that soon, so that you can do happy dances for us too!

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Last week:

We ate 4kg of white peaches from Franklin.
The hut build is coming along, with polished concrete floors, plumbing, and the laundry hut has a roof.

Finally we have two crazy running dogs...

now the grass has been cut they're free to run around.
They love it!
Unfortunately my personal photographer (Rob) is on a week long field trip with the Field botany course. He took with him on his camera the photos of the newly polished concrete floor (love this) and the cute little laundry hut (perfect verandah for afternoon G & T's).

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