Monday, November 21, 2016


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Maggie: has been keen to visit a strawberry farm near Richmond after I described it to her, when we finally had the day off and the weather was actually nice, we zipped over there to pick three kilograms of huge strawberries and for the girls to enjoy their strawberry ice creams. The first day in a while that actually felt like spring!
Elisabeth: Was an excellent picker, carefully selecting the reddest and ripest fruit.

Hooray I have caught up with the 52 portrait project!


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Maggie: The weather has not be cooperative with my planned early Christmas card photo shoot, but finally the sun shone and I managed to get a couple. I started creating photo cards  in 2014, and I love the design, receiving the box full of our cards printed on gorgeous paper, with matching envelopes and then writing them and of course finally sending them on their way around Australia and further afield.
Elisabeth: Is fully on board with excessive "Chrimas" celebrations! She loves it and is so excited for it this year.

Two week's ago 52 project portraits.


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Maggie: Perfect light under the hazel trees, or the Dinosaur Zeppelin, as the girls think of it! Love listening to their imaginary games.
Elisabeth: I can't quite remember what was happening, maybe an unusual bird or the neighbour's dog barking?

Nearly there, two more weeks to catch up for the 52 portrait project.


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Maggie: my strong girls!
Elisabeth: Perhaps the weight difference is noticeable here. 

Playing catch up with the 52 portrait project.


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Maggie: We visited a garden the weekend Rob took these photos- despite having 9 acres to run about on, they are much more excited about other gardens, in fact they both demanded a visit to a garden last weekend!
Elisabeth: They even rolled down a grassy slope, which isn't possible at home thanks to the wallaby poop!

Playing major catch up with the 52 portrait project.
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