Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Sunday:

I’d been planning this adventure for awhile. It was funny to go on a Sunday drive though; surely we’re not at that stage of our lives yet? Anyway, first stop was the Huon Grower and Makers market at Franklin, after their 3 month break. We picked up some free range eggs, it looked like it was a bit early for garden produce. Then we took a meandering drive via the Cygnet Coast road to the Coads Daffodil Farm. I’ve wanted to go since I saw it on Michelle’s blog last year. It was a bit blustery, so a bit tiresome for photos. Like children in a lolly shop we were a little overwhelmed at first but we narrowed it down to our top 8 favourites and ordered 10 of each for next March.

By this stage Nigella was getting a little grumpy in the back, so the next stop was just for her. I’d read about Drip Beach somewhere, and thought if we were ever in the area we should pay it a visit. Nigella loves beaches so was out of the car in a flash running along the sand, jumping over logs and splashing around in the shallow bay, her first swim for the season. It was a beautiful spot, and quaint to be on a beach and still look across to a paddock of cows!By now we were starting to feel a little peckish, so needed to collect some supplies before heading to the block. Almost as if I’d planned it we were in the vicinity of Red Velvet Lounge so dropped in for some jam doughnuts (we just had to try one of each sort, apricot and raspberry) and a loaf of Steve’s sourdough (worth the trip on its own).

I did have to smile at ourselves though, we waltzed in and the place was buzzing (which was great to see) but I realised that some of the customers were looking at us a little funnily. I looked at our attire a little more critically, in our defence we were at least clean, but I guess I was wearing blunnies and trackpants, and Rob, well, he had his block clothes on, T-shirt, his favourite old shorts (thanks goodness he’s not into stubbies!), well used blunnies and boot protectors. Sorry Steve, hope we didn’t lower the dress standards too much for RVL- but we were never intending to eat in yesterday!

So feeling quite smug that our hunting and gathering had been successful we headed to the block. There was one last final item I was hoping for, as we rushed by the Nicholls Rivulet Organic Farm I saw it- fresh Rhubarb. I am afraid that I literally squealed with excitement, “turn around!” A quick u-turn and we had 3 bunches of the reddest Rhubarb you can imagine.

Finally the block, to find the first step towards the hut; during the week the builder had set out the markings for the excavator to do the footings. A small step I know but exciting none the less. We set out our picnic of leftover egg and bacon pie (Rob made the day before), boiled the kettle (we have to use the power board in some way!) and followed the pie with a cup of tea and an apricot jam doughnut. Heaven.

At the end of the day we both felt quite content as we sat in front of the TV eating Rhubarb and Orange (our first harvest of oranges) crumble, sorry no picture, we couldn’t wait to eat it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Tasmanian field

Photo R. Wiltshire
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Whilst driving back from Launceston through Nile we saw this paddock and needed to capture the moment.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Change and seasons

It was so wet last weekend we didn't take any photos at the block. But I just looked at this photo from the same time last year. The block was green and the dam was super full. It hasn't filled up this year yet.

Trawling through my photos led me to this. Taken in January 2008. I love the day after the hay is done. So different to the verdant pasture of winter and spring. A few things have changed. For a start I'm no longer blonde. The tree in the white plastic cover is a lot taller than me now. The orchard has doubled, our vegetable and flower gardens are taking shape, and there is a level house site with a picnic table.

Just one thing missing now.
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