Monday, August 15, 2016


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Maggie: Perfectly seasonal background, the fluffy flowers of our wattle trees. The girls had their best blue steel looks on especially with the neighbour's dog barking at us incessantly!
Elisabeth: Even though they still look a bit tired, they have been shocking us with sleeping through the night! Maggie has done it 7 nights out of the last 10 or so. We went and visited what will hopefully be their school on Friday morning. A gorgeous little school of only 75 students across 4 years. We really hope we get in, as we are out of area we have a little wait to find out if it's possible.

Hooray caught up with the portraits, and scarily it is week 33!


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Maggie: Whilst they might not be the most amazing photos I've ever taken - these photos capture their cheeky grins perfectly I think. The girls have a great time in this tree that has bent over in the westerly winds that whip through our place. Perfect for climbing and imaginary play.
Elisabeth: She pushes me to the edge sometimes, but then she also has the ability to melt me in a second with a funny or observant comment. 

Playing catch up with the 52 portrait project.



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Maggie: Weeks seem to be flying by at the moment. We are both busy at work, and our weekends are a mix of adventures, shopping together, regular home chores (washing!) and trying to get the garden organised before spring. I might try to document some of these changes in the garden on the blog because it is always fun to go back and see how the garden has come. A few weekends ago now we went to a friend's place for his annual birthday bonfire party. Girls had a blast, splashing around in the muddy paddock (so did the dogs), eating, hanging out with the big girls and finally watching the bonfire. Two very tired poppets by the end of the night, but they had a memorable evening.
Elisabeth: Rob took these portraits whilst I tried to keep track of two girls and two crazy dogs around the bonfire!

Playing catch up with Jodi's 52 portrait project.
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