Monday, February 24, 2014

Last days of summer

To be honest as summer ebbs away I am already thinking about autumn. The weather is cooler. The days are noticeably shorter. 

Sunday was a last blast of summer heat. We lazed about the hut, changing the sheets, getting some washing on the line. 

The doors and windows were flung open, despite the very unwelcome European wasps that have turned up for the year. Just in time to attack our plums and apples. Boo. Rob has set up traps, plastic tonic bottles hang in our orchard (there you are a reason to drink gin and tonics) with holes half way down and black currant cordial in the bottom. They are irresistible to the nasty creatures, and soon become a pulsing sea of wasp bodies. I am allergic to them and so keep well clear.

We took the pram and some buckets down to the gully on the side of our block to pick the first of the blackberries. 
The girls fell asleep. 

Rob has set up his new golf pins for dog golf. The paddock grass has been cropped short and is dry. Waiting for the autumn rain to become green. 

I suddenly felt guilty that the girls have nearly lived through two summers and not put their toes in the sand or the sea. We've walked on the beach but have kept the girls in the back packs. So we headed down in the late afternoon to Coningham beach. I have to say it didn't go down all that well! They cried when we dangled their toes in the water, and sat on the towel looking worried, before relaxing a little. Then they grabbed handfuls of sand to eat. 

An early dinner of cold roast pork, ratatouille, pan fried potatoes and zucchini, followed by blackberries and ice cream and it was time for a bath and bed.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


I know my blogging has slowed down a bit since Christmas. Words swirl around inside my head, but I rarely find a moment to commit them to the screen, and often by the time I do I have moved on from the emotions I felt at the time.

I can say that this past week I have felt very tired. In fact, it seemed more difficult than the previous week when Rob was away and I was on my own with the girls. Perhaps I expected this week to be easier. Rob often quotes to me, "expectation is the path to disappointment", and perhaps I shouldn't expect the work/home/commuting/parenting gig just to fall into place after a certain number of weeks.

Weariness let doubt creep in. Doubt about how I was doing at work. Doubt about how I handled cluster feeding all night long. Doubt about ways we could fix it.

Friday was a day at home for me, so I did the bare minimum, fed and cleaned up the babies. Skipped a shower for myself and just rested as often as I could. I even managed to get both girls to settle themselves to sleep in their cots for a long afternoon nap. Instead of rushing off to do something, or look at my phone, I followed suit and rested on the bed too.

I know I'll look back one day and will struggle to remember what I thought was so hard. But in the midst of it, that day seems a very long way away indeed.

Ok back to the photos. I have wanted to take photos of the girls in the bath during the day because of the way the light bounces of the tiles and the bath itself. We are lucky that they seem to enjoy bath time at the moment.

 photo DSC_8004_zpsf1286db1.jpg
 photo DSC_8008_zps62e1a42a.jpg
Maggie: No matter how many times we pour water over her head, she still expresses some surprise and distaste for the situation!
Elisabeth: I love the sweetness in her expression as she looks at what Maggie is up to.

Joining in with the 52 portrait project at Jodi's blog Practising Simplicity.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


 photo DSC_7916_zps2ded2296.jpg
 photo DSC_7946_zpsd757d573.jpg
Maggie: Three girls. Often the girls look like a mirror image in photos together.
Elisabeth: Baby features are fading and little girl is sneaking in their place. Although not shown here, she has taken to frowning at everything this week, particularly people whom she is not sure of.

Joining in (on time!) with Jodi at Practising Simplicity.

Monday, February 10, 2014


 photo DSC_7196_zpse65ed9ae.jpg

 photo DSC_7202_zps06ddbe8d.jpg

Maggie: Blissed out whilst enjoying a pan fried pink eye potato.
Elisabeth: on the other hand takes eating very seriously.

So glad to have caught up on the 52 portrait project.

Joining in only a little late with Jodi at Practising Simplicity.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


 photo DSC_7126_zps47ca4a6c.jpg
 photo DSC_7132_zpsa5cf4c01.jpg
Maggie: a favourite game for both girls at the moment is scooting around under our dining table and rearranging the dining chairs.
Elisabeth: this can also involve peek-a-boo.

Joining in late again with Jodi at Practising Simplicity for the 52 portrait project.

Saturday, February 1, 2014


I know it is nearly time for 5/52! Just didn't manage to be inspired last week. Last night the moment and light was right.

 photo DSC_7078_zpsa3d10ad0.jpg
 photo DSC_7079_zps33cce117.jpg

Maggie: just chewing on grass.
Elisabeth: oh so serious.

I wanted this week's portraits to reflect the season. The grass will be cut for hay next week (we hope), these warm summer evenings are lovely to be out in.

Joining in with Jodi at Practising Simplicity

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