Tuesday, April 5, 2016


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Maggie: Oh that cheeky grin has never changed. We have been talking about Rob's upcoming birthday. Maggie told him over dinner last night that he is "having a party, but don't tell anyone it's a surprise!"
Elisabeth: Ok I do see a bit of myself in this photo. Elisabeth has her first crush. She is head over heels for Simon on ABC's play school. I realised she was picking only the Simon episodes on iview (much to Maggie's dismay, she doesn't seem to share Elisabeth's love of Simon). When I asked her why she liked Simon, she replied "oh he has a lovely pink shirt, I love him!" 

Joining in nearly on time with Jodi's 52 portrait project.

Sunday, April 3, 2016


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Maggie: These portraits bookend our Easter Sunday. The girls fresh in the morning, in pink dresses with gingham bows. Rob took this photo of Maggie before I took the latest photo in our monthly twin portrait series (see the hashtag #huttwinsmonthlysnap on Instagram). The girls had the best day, with an Easter hunt at home in our garden as well as one later in the day with their cousins at my parents home. 
Elisabeth: I took a more reflective portrait of Elisabeth in the evening of our Easter Sunday. Perhaps coming down from her sugar high?

Joining in a week late with Jodi's 52 portrait project.


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Maggie: This look is one we see quite often. One of my sisters has just met the girls for the first time (she lives in the UK) and she has noticed already that Maggie stops and assesses people, sometimes accompanied by this narrowed eye look!
Elisabeth: A direct look from Miss Elisabeth. Probably annoyed that I had been disturbing their game under the canopy of the hazel trees.

Playing catch up with my portraits. The portraits were taken on time, but we have been relaxing over the Easter break and hosting visitors so photo editing and blogging took a back seat.

Joining in quite late with Jodi's 52 portrait project.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


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Maggie: We took off on an adventure this long weekend - to visit an inspiring garden in a lush valley up north. Rob gave me a book about Wychwood last year for my birthday, and we have meant to go visit for a while. With the garden and house on the market we thought we should go before it changed hands. We are so glad we did. Karen and Peter have created a beautiful, thought provoking garden, full of winding paths and hidden delights. Birch trees grouped in casual copses. Serbian spruces standing in groups with their classical Christmas tree shape and weeping branches. Lush lawns to run on. Box balls to add interest to beds. An orchard of heritage apples, branches laden with fruit as big as the girls' heads. Sculptures to attract and delight you. Sensuous curving hedges. Little huts to seek out and rest in. We walked around for two hours and could easily have spent all day there. To the girls it was a wonderland and for two blissful hours they ran and played and let their imaginations run wild. This statue was a favourite, in the middle of a spiralled hedge. Maggie's cheeky sense of humour was on show this week. She has worked out that if she says "ribbit" like a frog it drives Elisabeth wild. Oh dear. A very tired Elisabeth was starting to wind herself up in the car, and Maggie with a smirk couldn't help herself and started ribbitting. Of course we asked her to stop teasing her sister, but I'm afraid we couldn't help but smile at it too.
Elisabeth: She was so excited about camping out (slightly overstating the facts, we spent a night in an onsite cabin!) The girls amaze us with their observations. We were sitting in the garden of the local pub for dinner chatting amongst ourselves and Elisabeth was studying a huge Magnolia tree. She suddenly said "That tree is the same as Karin's tree". Indeed their family day carer does have a Magnolia tree in her garden.

Joining in with Jodi's 52 portrait project.


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Maggie: Last Wednesday I was attending a reception at Government House, Rob and the girls came to pick me up. He dressed them carefully and waltzed in to the grand ballroom at the end of the function, apparently the girls were looking for the princess (our Governor is a lady) in the castle. We couldn't resist a few photos on the steps afterwards. What a cheeky grin Maggie has in this top photo.
Elisabeth: So confident these girls of mine. 

Rob took both of these photos, joining in very late for 10/52. Just about to upload this week's photos too!
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