Sunday, April 19, 2015


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Maggie: (on the right) Yesterday we took a picnic lunch and met my parents and brother at the Salmon Ponds at Plenty. The girls had a great time, feeding the fish, watching the platypus, running on the grass and kicking piles of autumn leaves. They especially liked the Angler's Hall of Fame, a perfect hut shaped building (exactly the same size as our dreamed of third hut). Maggie was also pretty taken with the platypus and wanted to "touch it please". 
Elisabeth: (now on the right) She has just been out gardening with her Papa. Apparently she has taken ownership of the veggie plot, telling her Papa it is "my garden". She also demanded to have a yellow envelope of seeds in her pockets just like Papa. 
Both photos were taken by Rob.

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Monday, April 13, 2015


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Maggie: looking at birds in the sky. Her language is still continuing to amaze us, I keep thinking before I look down that Elisabeth is talking to me. Taking after Elisabeth she adds please to any request she is serious about. We headed outdoors this morning after Rob left for work, the girls still in their onesies with gumboots. They like foraging for the last of the alpine strawberries and picking flowers.
Elisabeth: Yesterday we were all in the veggie garden doing our own things and Elisabeth commanded "people come here!" She makes me laugh, but her determination is more than a match for me at times! She really enjoyed the rose petal snow I floated over her head. She can nearly sing all the words of "Let it go". 

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


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Maggie: She said her first real sentence this week. After a week of requesting jelly (they have been watching Nanny Plum on Ben and Holly's little kingdom wreaking havoc with her jelly floods), I finally made some, and Maggie scoffed down her first serve, then looked at me and said "More jelly please?" How could I say no? Her chattering is increasing daily which is a delight. She had a rough week with a tummy bug on Thursday before bouncing back in time for Easter, unfortunately I came down with it in the middle of Easter lunch!
Elisabeth: I know her eyes are shut, but it would seem amiss not to document her "smile" for the camera look. Loving her curls. She was a star at the Easter egg hunts this weekend, rushing about snaffling treats and collecting them in her basket. But without prompting she also happily offered her eggs to her Nan-Nan and us!

Joining in a little late with Jodi's 52 portrait project (however the photos were taken on Friday).

Sunday, March 29, 2015


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Maggie: Some lighthearted portraits this week. We always let the zucchini get away from us in the garden. So when they get monstrously big, we pick them and measure them against the girls. The girls decided however they would like to ride them! So I couldn't resist drawing a little face on their trusty steeds! Maggie has been babbling away to herself this week, her language is about to take off we think.

Elisabeth: Claudia had an operation on her leg this week, she has been a bit naughty and chewed her stitches so we came home with a "cone of shame" yesterday. Elisabeth took one look at the embarrassed dog and declared "Claudia has a ridiculous head!" I think Rob took both of these photos again this week.

Joining in with Jodi at Practising Simplicity.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


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Maggie: Rob took this week's portraits. On Friday they made some beetroot brownies together and the girls helpfully cleaned up! This week we had several appointments at the NICU clinic. Physio, occupational therapy, paediatrician and paediatric neuropsychological assessments. The girls breezed through it all and no longer need to attend the Doctor. We have had a weekend without Papa, this afternoon we went to a baby shower that was at a park, so the girls had a blast in a little hut cubby, on the slide and they finally enjoyed the swings. They came home with a balloon, which is just about heaven. 
Elisabeth: After 2 hours on Wednesday at the hospital, Elisabeth had had enough. She asked "open door please, go home now?" Her sentences amaze us still.

Joining in with Jodi's 52 portrait project.
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