Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Forgive me father for I have sinned...(sorry I can't escape my Catholic upbringing) despite the fact we're saving for our hut, we couldn't help ourselves this week.

Exhibit 1:

This super cute koala friend was waiting at a local market on our drive down to the block. I had already predicted I might struggle with fighting the urge to collect tea cosies here. Besides how could I resist him- and he keeps my first one company now.
Exhibit 2:

Continuing on with our obsession for 50's Danish modern furniture, we started hunting around Hobart for an appropriate sideboard. Not entirely happy with the range we started googling yesterday, and found this. Unlike the ones we had seen around town that were veneer it is made of solid myrtle, and matches our table. It was designed by Fred Ward, during his time at Myer Heritage Furniture. Finding this style of furniture has peaked my interest in 1950's Australian furniture design, and has given us some direction in our bargain hunting.

So in a reckless moment we clicked the buy it now option on ebay.

Now we just have to work out how to get it from Melbourne to here! Luckily my aunt doesn't mind babysitting it until we do.

So in confessing my little moments of weakness to you I have found absolution.
Do I have to do penance?


ut si said...

Oh well done...its so fab!

Nell said...

This is so so cool! We need something like this in out flat! We just have to figure out where it would go...! xx

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