Monday, August 2, 2010


Snowflake Photo: R. Wiltshire

Lemon Meringue Pie

Savoy cabbage with our bargain find at Salamanca- a Le Creuset frypan

Flowering quince Photo: R. Wiltshire
Last weekend felt like Spring, the Snowflakes and Flowering quince are out.
We cooked a Lemon meringue pie for a family lunch, piping the meringue made it look like a sea anemone. Sadly there were no left overs!
We found a bargain frypan at a second hand stall at Salamanca which made us pretty happy. I bought some cute little bottles of pear juice, and although the juice was nice all I wanted was to use the bottles as mini vases.
Can't wait for spring to start for real. Particularly looking forward to the longer days.

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ClaireyH said...

Just clicking over from PMM, I thought anyone who has just bought 14 blocks of chocolate is worth checking out. Ha ha, 14! I can't imagine buying that just in my weekly shopping.
Now I see this prize winning Lemon meringue and think you should be selling them on the side of the road to the domestic goddess failures like myself, we want to make it, but it just never quite works out!
HOpe the choccie is going nicely with a bit of red on this chilly weekend.

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