Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our growing furniture collection

Nigella with "her" armchair

One of the bargain dining chairs from the tip-shop. I forgot to take a before shot, this is after it's been sanded, oiled and polished.

Our latest acquisition: a myrtle board table from the Hydro for our dining table.
Best bit is that it's 1.2m wide!
It is waiting in our carport to have the horrible polyurethane stripped off, then it can be sanded and oiled.

But we couldn't wait yesterday, we had lunch outside at our table.
Almost the full collection of our chairs too.


Michelle said...

I love it! Looks gorgeous!

steve said...

Hiya Hazel-you are becoming quite the 'go-to person' for stylish furniture for sale in the Channel region. I'm sure the tip shop the mob at the Margate train have your profile picture on their notice board with a 'preferred customer' tag!

Hazel said...

Hi Michelle and Steve- yeah I think the Margate Train people know us now- no slinking in and just looking for us. The table actually is from the Anitques Warehouse in Warwick st in town, a great treasure trove of reasonably priced furniture! (That's where we were off to Michelle on Sunday when we dashed through the market as it was closing down). There's another table just like it still there (out the back)- but in slightly better condition, the guy had already sanded it back. But we thought we'd like the challenge!
As my sister so helpfully pointed out- I should keep saving for the hut to put all this furniture in- but it's so much fun!!

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