Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthday week

My favourite breakfast at the moment, Companion Bakery sourdough with Reed avocados and little cherry tomatoes. The tomatoes look like rubies.

Claudia helping us make our bed! She is definitely a snuggle pup.

I was quite spoilt on my birthday, we went out for lunch and dinner. This is the beautiful Sushi platter and grilled eel sushi we enjoyed at Orizuru in Hobart for dinner. My family and friends spoilt me with lovely gifts, and we had a bit of a shopping trip yesterday to buy new gym gear- surely it makes me more believable in the weights class?!

The builders are back at the hut after their Christmas break. Framing windows and setting up all the electrical wires. It looks very confusing, but it means we're one step closer to a finished hut.

Finally the dogs have been enjoying the return of summer weather with our daily beach trips. They run and splash, chase sticks and each other. Very funny indeed. When it came time to leave the other day and I pulled out the lead, Claudia deliberately walked just out of reach into the water and sat. She wasn't quite done yet thank you very much!

I'm going to make the most of our last few days of holidays, with maybe a few more birthday celebrations thrown in. My birthday treat to myself is to take Rob down to Cygnet to have dinner at Red Velvet Lounge tomorrow. I've been looking forward to that all month!

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Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a lovely birthday. The photo of you and Claudia are gorgeous!

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