Monday, September 2, 2013


Perfect blue sky.
An afternoon sea breeze.
Sunlight streaming into the hut.
Babies in singlet suits.
Bifold doors wide open.
Lawn mowing.
Flower garden bursts into bloom.
The return of the swallows.
Bird song in the morning.
Frog calls at night through open windows.
Gin and tonic.
Home made ice cream.
Lazy afternoon snuggling in the bedroom.
A later twilight.

This weekend almost felt like summer instead of spring. 

Rob ordered some sand to top dress his lawn. The dogs followed him as he wheeled the barrow to the pile left by the truck, and then back to the lawn. When they got too hot they retired to the laundry hut verandah. But all three were blissfully happy.

The girls and I snuggled on our bed with the French doors open.

Sunday, of course, was Father's Day, so after a late breakfast and some baby cuddles, Rob picked up his eldest daughter. We enjoyed a curry for lunch then Piña Colada ice cream (dairy free), then after a cooling head wash for each baby girl we all retired to the bedroom to watch them wriggle and coo. 

The weekend was over far too quickly. 


Anonymous said...

Your weekend sounds just perfect! I love that pink gingham cover. Your babies are simply gorgeous. Ann

Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Life looks good at your place Marian! x

Tara said...

Sounds perfect! Our weekend was very blustery and cold. But Spring is here, so they say, so it can only get better! I can't wait for the long hot evenings where all you wish for is a cool breeze...
Beautiful proteas, but then, I'm biased :)

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