Monday, January 27, 2014

Checking in.

After my blogging bonanza in December things have slowed back down in January. Perhaps it was the lazy summer days; our month of holiday together before we both headed back spent relaxing with no deadlines.

My birthday was lovely. 35 years young. It was spent with just us. After Rob cooked my birthday request for a hot breakfast (fried ham, eggs, tomatoes and bread), we headed to a local nursery so Rob could pick out some plants for my garden. Rob has quite rightly taken ownership of my flower garden, I have not contributed a great deal the past two years, for one (or two) reason or another! So he has revised our planting, as the bulbs are two infrequent for reliable flower colour, he has picked out some perennials to add foliage and flowers too.

Back in the car (after dropping off the plants and a nappy change!), we he headed to the new Apple Shed at Grove for lunch. We snacked on a cheese and charcuterie platter (actually the girls mostly!) and tasted a range of the Willie Smith ciders. 

We are amazed at how the girls behave when eating out. They really enjoy themselves! After a quick wake us up coffee we continued on to Franklin for boxes of apricots and peaches, then onto Red Velvet lounge at Cygnet for more coffee and cake. We headed home to nap before a simple salad for dinner and a bottle of Jansz. A perfect day.

My return to work was fine. Both Rob and I have a few things to fine tune to ensure dinner and bed time doesn't run too late, but we'll sort that out. I am trying online grocery ordering. So at worst we just need to stop at the butcher. My first day was busy, adjusting to my job share situation, finding out what did and didn't happen over the past year, and getting used to our new digs on the Hobart waterfront. I enjoy my morning walk from the car park to work, but the afternoon can be warm (that won't be an issue for long), and of course  I am tired and want to get home. 

After two work days, we had four days off together. We went shopping (for a proper backpack for me!), had taco picnic in a park, took the girls for a walk at Trial bay, visited family up north for a day and today was a quiet day at home hiding from the heat. 

The breezeway was the place to be, with all six of us lazing on the cool concrete floor. Until the girls discovered the dog water bowl for the first time. This resulted in a taste test, eww! After a lot of splashing a change of clothes was needed!

Back to work for me tomorrow and Wednesday, then Rob returns on Thursday and Friday, when it will be back to just the girls and I for the first time in six weeks!

Hope you enjoyed your long weekends too.


Violet said...

Your birthday sounds wonderful- I'm glad you had such an enjoyable day.

I hope you all find your routine soon- but am happy to know your first couple of days back went fine and that you all got to enjoy a few days off together! I had to laugh about the water bowl- funny babies!

(Oh and because this is a game with Joseph, the kids and I. The kids will be amused about a Fiat being spotted in Tasmania I have to yell FIAT!! Anytime we are out and what not if any of us spot a fiat we yell FIAT. :D )

ally said...

Great birthday!
We headed to the Apple Shed yesterday - very impressed!
I remember a mama of 4 telling me once that she used to worry about her kids trying the cat/dog food until she found the 4th baby eating cat vomit!!!!! Ewwwwwww!

ashley said...

my three year old still has a thing for the dog water (playing not tasting anymore at least!) I am back to work 3 days a week next Monday after a year of leave and dreading the change and can't work out how to make it easy on all parties. i know we'll get there. x ashley

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