Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Introducing Claudia

Some of you may have heard (twitter & facebook) that there will be a new addition to our household.
Continuing on with our theme of picking a name from our favourite cooks, Stephanie Alexandra (Rob's daughter), and Nigella, we have chosen Claudia after our favourite middle eastern food writer, Claudia Roden.
Steph was a little worried that I would name the puppy Abla!
She is 4 months old, very sweet and of course, adorable. She also turns out to be Nigella's half-sister.
We pick her up Thursday, only 2 more sleeps.
Two days to puppy proof the house & garden. It's amazing how fast you can forget what they like to chew and play with!
It might mean a little readjustment for Nigella, but she has always loved the company of other dogs, I realise it might be a bit different if it's a new addition to her pack though. More photos to come soon.


Susan Moore said...

Oh my goodness she is just adorable. And that picture looks more than a little familiar right now, with one large dog and a mini-me! It took our 4 y.o. a little while to get used to her nippy 10 week old little sister but they are great friends already. Enjoy your new little addition. Some advice given to me - pick her up and cuddle her because in no time at all you won't be able to! I think we need to arrange a puppy play date.

Hazel said...

I know we'd been thinking about a second dog for awhile, and I admit your video may have tipped me over the edge. It's nice to hear that they can get along. I've been reading all these horror stories online about older dogs not adjusting and suddenly felt a bit worried!
Re the puppy play date for sure I'm sure they would love each other!

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