Monday, March 21, 2011


Last week was fairly quiet at the hut, a few things were meant to arrive, but they didn't. Which is something we get used to. We did get to see the start of the window seat, the only piece of bespoke furniture we're having made, (sorry I had to use bespoke, so very Kevin McCloud of me). It was nice to see the our timber dressed and being put to good use. The window seat will be made of celery top and myrtle, to match all our retro furniture finds. You may have noticed that Rob and I are a tad obsessed with timber. A couple of years ago we went to an auction in huonville, we ended up with 2 ute loads of timber, and I only left him for a moment! So it's nice to see some of it now being used in the window seat and the kitchen cabinets and bench tops.

Today we headed down to the hut to check on progress. I could see the two water tanks from the top of the drive, and the septic came into view as we got to the hut. Both dogs had to bark at them. I wandered over to the hut, and noticed the workhorses had been moved and there were tyre marks. Now this got me interested, we have learned that builders don't tidy up after themselves unless it's in the way of something else. So I looked in the door, to see timber. At this point I may have gotten a little excited, and squealed for Rob to come and open the door. Inside sat a neatly stacked pile of myrtle for the skirting and trim inside, and the promised half of the celery top cladding for the outside. We've been waiting for it for awhile now. The builder and Rob were hoping for it in December, sadly the sawmiller had lost the order in his ute. Then there was Christmas, then there were issues with the cutting blades for creating the shiplap joins. So he kept promising next week.

Today was that week.

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P.S. Sorry the photos we took were a bit sad (silly little camera and quite dark) so we'll head down for some photos tonight.

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