Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Late spring hut photos to cheer myself up

Yesterday I came home feeling tired and a little grumpy/emotional.

I have been pretty good up to now. But I wasn't feeling the best and I lay down on the window seat and if I have to be honest, I shed a few tears. Nothing serious, just regular pregnancy symptoms, and general tiredness. Poor Rob. He went outside and braved the cold and rain (after our preview of summer last Friday we've headed straight back to winter it seems!!) to pick me some more of my roses. Which are a delight.

I didn't end up sleeping that well last night (and I know this is only going to get worse!) so feel a little tired still now. I only have 12 working days left after today. Things are starting to press in from all sides as I tick off things on my to do list.

So today I need to post some photos to cheer myself up, shake me out of my mood.

How can you be grumpy if you live here?

So hopefully now I can shake my silly mood and enjoy the rest of my week.


Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Pregnancy hormones can be a real rollercoaster. It's ok to have a good cry every now and then though :)

What is your due date?

Wow, only 12 working days to go - yahooo the countdown is on!!

Hoping your mood lifts and you have a great week,

P.S. I LOVE where you live :)))

Katherine said...

I feel huge sympathy for you! I am having my sixth baby at the end of this month and I fight these feelings of frustration at how physically limited I have become. I am so used to 'doing' and now I have to 'rest'. Anyhow I completely sympathize!!

Sarah B said...

I agrre, how can you be grumpy when you live in such a perfect spot? So beautiful! But yes, I can imagine the emotional rollercoaster. I'd be crying too probably!

Jodi said...

You need my yoga nidra cd - it's the very best thing for insomnia. Basically yoga nidra is a guided relaxation (30 minutes is equivalent to 3-4hours of sleep).

So many of the dads I meet mention the fact that they know my voice so well "every night for the last six weeks I've heard your voice coming from the cd player at 3am!"

Email me your address and I'll get it to you asap xxx

paisleysummer said...

The light in these photos is beautiful.
Hope you are feeling better x

Abbey R said...

Your property is amazing!! You might be feeling a little grumpy, but these photos make me feel a little jealous! Wishing you a good nights rest xo

Veronica Roth said...

Oh dear Hazel, pregnancy is tough. Hang in there. Soon you won't have time to feel grumpy. You do live in a beautiful place. I love your meadow all around you. I'm in my home in England for the holidays and the meadow is all frozen now. But there's always good old ivy and I did see some mistletoe in the copse that I'll try to knock down and bring into the house.

CBH said...

It's ok to feel grumpy even if you live in the most beautiful of settings. There is no rhyme or reason to emotions when you're pregnant, add sleep deprivation to the mix and you can make your own rules.

Hope the photos helped shake your mood! Also hope your babes allow you to have a good night's sleep tonight.

Thought of your #pregnantnotgeriatric when I read this


mumofsix said...

Dear Marian
Sending you much love. You must be in shock. Congratulations on the birth of your girls. Such beautiful names. They must be so tiny but we girls are tough, aren't we? Thinking of you so much and sending prayers across the world xxx Sarah xx

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