Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Flowers

I haven't had many flowers to post recently, but finally spring is on it's way. 
I picked a selection of white flowers for the table last Sunday.

The white garden has stock, candy tuft, honeymoon tulips, gerberas, snowflakes, anemones and poppies. Also daffodils and jonquils but they are too smelly to pick.
Our yellow bed has daffodils in large and miniature size. The blue bed is awash with anemones. There are also orange and yellow poppies and marigolds. 

Speaking of yellow the valley has turned golden with the flowering wattles. A stunning sight in late winter. 


Tash said...

Gorgeous flowers. I love getting to see what your Winters are like. While you are in late Winter, our Summer is just about to turn into Fall.
Sending lots of love from Montreal. xx

Allana said...

The light in your home is amazing... sigh. How glorious your garden is already too, must get onto ours this Summer...

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