Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Today I know:

That winter is over. Spring has arrived. Sure we may still get the occasional cold day, but the longer days, the wattle blossom, the frogs chirping, the garden coming to life, the almonds flowering, are all heralding a new season.

Never walk away and leave a rice pudding to cook in a rice cooker. Hot cream inside all the drawers as it overflowed on the way to the kitchen floor is not fun to clean up.

Sleep is precious. Very precious.

Elisabeth loves food. Despite the early intervention guys saying to wait until 6 months corrected, (our paediatrician did admit premmies can go early), Elisabeth is ready now at 5 months corrected. She lunges for our food, drools while she watches us eat, and looks longingly at my water bottle (she thinks it's a giant milk bottle). The other night Rob was eating some home made coffee ice cream, and she kept trying to swipe it! He had to hold it above his head. We are combining purée with baby led weaning, as she prefers her own spoon or hands but will happily accept rice cereal or mashed banana from me at the same time. I haven't noticed any great difference in her breastfeeding yet!

Maggie is such a dear. Elisabeth will only sleep during the day if we hold her, so Maggie waits patiently beside me. She talks in this cute breathy way, starting off quietly but getting louder as she gets going. She loves my silly ditties and smiles every time I sing her favourite one.  I have been coaching her on rolling, so she can catch up to Elisabeth. She humours me but I suspect she will do it when she is ready.

Nigella and Claudia are still hiding out in the breezeway, snuggling each other when they think no one is watching. If they didn't eat so much wallaby poop I may let them lick the babies as much as they'd like! 

Rob is looking after all of us so well. Shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing, working, gardening, nappy changing. Most importantly,  he is the best baby cuddler, a skill most needed here at the moment. Both girls are lulled to sleep in his arms, a smile twitching at their lips.

I love our little hut. It has been the perfect place for our babymoon. I return to work part time in late January, so I still have five months to make the most of. I am so lucky to call the hut home. 


cestlavietlb said...

What a lovely catchup post! I adore your flowers...pining for a garden of my very own that I can fill to the brim with petals of happiness. Poppies and daffs especially!

Kristen Willenbrock said...

Enjoy every moment. It all looks and sounds lovely.

Little Nan said...

That photo of Elisabeth trying to 'have' some icecream is very cute! Funny!
I'm so excited that Springtime has sprung, brings a smile to my face

Offer KINDNESS. Choose GENEROSITY. Give LOVE! said...

Oh what a great post!
Thanks for sharing your favorite family precious things.
I'll be sure to follow your advice on the rice pudding. EGAD! what a crappy mess.
Love seeing Mommy and Daddy cuddling those perfect babies. You are all so blessed.
Have a great week friend!

Violet said...

Lovely post Marian! Maggie and Elisabeth are just precious, I'm glad you are savoring their infancy it can go by so quickly.


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