Saturday, November 9, 2013

Friday flowers

I tend to feel I need to write a lot for my blog posts to be legitimate. But that's silly isn't it?
I love going back and just looking at what the garden is doing. What we ate. Where we went. 

The sage is in flower, I see it every morning from my bed through the French doors.

The roses have started. 
First Prize. 

It's Friday which means it's cheese night. The girls both enjoyed the goats cheese on our spring risotto last night. So I suspect tonight they'll want to share our cheese too.

Happy weekend.

P.S. I am halfway through part 2 of our weekend away. 

1 comment:

Amanda said...

There's nothing wrong at all with a short post!! :) I love seeing snippets of what you and your lovely family have been up to. Your sage is so pretty. Ours flowers, but not as beautifully as yours. What a lovely view it must be waking up to that xx

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