Tuesday, July 15, 2014


 photo DSC_0429-4_zps501cb5b3.jpg
 photo DSC_0420-3_zps78fb3680.jpg
Maggie: Concentrating on the walk down the gravel path to the laundry shed.
Elisabeth: Cheeky smile.

A brief post to join in with Jodi's 52 portrait project this week. I took the photos during a quick sanity saving outdoor adventure yesterday. The girls and I are at various stages of a head cold.  Maggie has been unwell since last Wednesday, with a fever, rash, and now a hacking cough and runny nose. She has been most unhappy, bordering on angry, with frequent melt downs, and needing to be held 24/7 most days. Elisabeth woke up today with a cough and runny nose too, and overnight I have started to get it as well.

Life with toddlers I suspect will involve quite a few of these everyone-is-sick weeks.

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