Tuesday, July 22, 2014


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Maggie: Leopard print gumboots and golf ball in hand, she is getting so confident walking around outside now.
Elisabeth: Her expression, those eyes!

Joining in with Jodi's 52 portrait project.

A big day today. The girls headed to family day care for the first time. We had visited a few times but they were there on their own for five hours today. They did so well. Despite a little look as we left them, they didn't cry, and got on with enjoying their new learning space, eating well and even going down for a nap relatively easily. We picked them up this afternoon after lunch and they were busy outside enjoying the winter sunshine. It certainly helps that their first day went smoothly, I know there might be bumps ahead, but it was the first time since they have been home that we left them in the care of somebody else and they coped well. They have been in the best of spirits all afternoon laughing, talking to themselves and smiling. So we all have had a good day.


Anne Reardon said...

A big day indeed! I can imagine how you felt leaving them, but how wonderful that they got on so well. Well done girls!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your wonderful posts. To see the development of your girls has been a gift.

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