Monday, December 22, 2014


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Maggie: I realised I haven't taken the weekly portraits myself for the last four weeks! Rob's new camera is a bit more sophisticated than the previous one, so I have been a bit scared of it. Last night after dinner, despite the nasty arrival of a head cold for both girls, we headed down to the big tree near the dam for a bit of fresh air and to catch the last of the warmth of the sun. Poor Maggie, not a happy camper!
Elisabeth: She started peeling bark off the eucalyptus, which is ok, as it is actually a smooth-barked peppermint. Lovely to see them interested in their surroundings.

Joining in with the penultimate 52 portrait for this year.

I'm hoping the cold quickly resolves before Thursday, as we are hosting my families Christmas here at the hut. I finished work on Thursday so am slowly starting to enjoy my holidays. I have half written a birthday post, which if the girls nap, I might be able to finish today!

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