Sunday, December 28, 2014


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Maggie: I put her hair up in a mini-bun on a whim, but it made her look so much older! What a year it has been for my Maggie-moo, only just crawling when I took the first portrait, and now she can run! She is still the same cheeky little monkey. making us laugh with her impish ways. She doesn't speak as much as Elisabeth yet, but she still communicates with us and her sister very well. But goodness she is a determined little miss, a bit of a dare devil, her anger can quickly flare up at any perceived injustice or when she is unwell. For example kicking the doctor when he was giving her a vaccination earlier this year! She loves cars, bikes, the mower, but also cuddling her babies. She is affectionate with her sister, and will kiss and cuddle her.
Elisabeth: she astounds us every day at the moment as she forms sentences, rattles off family names, and understands what we are doing. Although the younger sister, she is always ahead of Maggie in terms of development, walking first, talking first. She is a regular chatterbox now. Very much her Papa's girl. She still is bigger than Maggie, which makes her feel more sturdy, but whenever she has been sick, I think she is actually more fragile than Maggie. She has firm opinions about how things should be already (help us!), but is also very affectionate with us and protective of her sister. If she hears Maggie cry she will find her to see if she is ok. IF she think Maggie is doing something a little too daring, she gets very worried, and will come to get us to stop her.

Joining in with the final 52 portrait for 2014 with Jodi. I am so thankful I did it- every photo is a digital SLR photo, sometimes they were taken by Rob, but for the most part, this portfolio of our daughters is mine. Or should I say theirs?

I am already looking forward to next years photos, wondering how much they will change next year. I am wondering how much more difficult it will be though!

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Megan Landmeier said...

I love this project 52 idea! I may join in… let's see how it goes!

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