Tuesday, September 15, 2015


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Maggie: Two serious portraits in a row! Eating freshly made scones with raspberry jam and cream is obviously something she takes very seriously.
Elisabeth: This last weekend was finally warm and sunny, and the girls made the most of it. Playing with water at every opportunity and spending the rest of the time naked! They were giving their rubber ducks a bath, which became giving themselves a bath!

Rob took both of these photos on Sunday morning, so we have caught up with the 52 portraits project.

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Margaret said...

My goodness the girls are growing up fast.
You are lucky they only had RubberDucks ! ......when my daughter was 3 we lived near a creek and she was fond of stripping off anytime, I would often have to follow a trail of clothes to find her playing in the side paddock or near the creek.
One day I followed the clothes and found her giving 3 tiny chicks a bath in the edge of the water, they were NOT good....I dried them off and they spent the afternoon tucked onto my boobs under 3 layers of singlet, t shirt and fleecy,and very surprisingly they survived.

We had to have a talk about the difference between chicks and ducklings and that mummy hen would be the only one to know when her babies needed a bath or swim.

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