Tuesday, December 1, 2015


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Maggie: After a long week we enjoyed simple pleasures such as freshly picked strawberries from the garden.
Elisabeth: They scoff them down, not many make it back to the kitchen!

Joining in with Jodi's 52 portrait project. 


Talia S said...

Hi Marian,

I stumbled across your blog via 'Practising Simplicity' where Jodi had mentioned you and your beautiful girls in a past post. I also have a daughter who was born prematurely (at 24 weeks) and who spent many, many days in the Hobart NICU.

As I scrolled through some of your past 'NICU' posts I stopped at a particular image of your daughters at the hospital being held by dad and one of the NICU nurses, around their second birthday...it looked so familiar ... because I was there! On the other side of the door, washing my breast pump gear yet again, I met and said hello to one of your gorgeous little people - the nurse wanted to show me how amazing tiny babies are and that they will all one day become big and strong and happy. A wonderful moment.

Thank you for creating a beautiful blog and sharing your premmie experience xx

Marian Hazel said...

Hello Talia-
thank you for taking the time to comment!
Thank you also for sharing that you met one of our girls- I had a similar experience when the girls were tiny and a mother came in with her baby. It gave me hope in those early hard days that our tiny little babies would one day be more "normal"! The team at the Hobart NICU are amazing, and we remain so grateful for their care of our girls. I hope your little one is well- I thought 26 weeks was scary enough, but 24 weeks! xxx

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