Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's just a little wet out there

Claudia walking up the drain along side our driveway- I can only imagine Nigella is wondering about the sanity of her sister. A very full dam and a very green block. Nigella likes to inspect things. This is the water pooling above the drain in our drive.
Myrtle trim around the windows.
More myrtle trim...
Just one more - these little windows are my favourites- like framed pictures.

Not big news to most people in Australia this year. Flooding rains.

I love a sunburnt country,

A land of sweeping plains,

Of ragged mountain ranges,

Of droughts and flooding rains.

Dorothy Mackellar

It was hideously wet last night in Hobart. We braved it for a quick dinner for Rob's actual birthday. Sushi at Orizuru in town. They made his night by serving it up on the wooden boat. We feasted on oysters, grilled eel, kingfish, tuna, salmon and a myriad of sushi. Washed down with a large Sapporo. Rob was quite happy with his birthday present, I ordered 10 more fruit trees from Woodbridge Fruit Trees, including 5 cider apples, 4 quinces and a plum. To go with this, I'd found an apple picking bag in an antique shop, he loved it and insisted on putting it on in the restaurant (much to his 15 year old daughter's embarrassment!)

As the rain continued to fall last night, I couldn't help but feel nervous about the driveway at the block. It runs over a creek (with a large pipe underneath) but that quantity of rain in 24 hours is always a worry. Especially with the neighbours dam that sits above our driveway. We woke to hear that the main road that leads to the block was closed due to "deep water". That's not what I wanted to hear.

So Rob headed down there today with the dogs. More to relieve me of my constant worrying than anything else. I'm happy to report that whilst extremely wet, the driveway and hut has survived. I feel a little selfish talking about it with all that has happened around the country this summer- but it certainly brings home just how nerve-racking it can be.

The dam is overflowing, the drains are flowing quickly. Claudia enjoyed a quick dip in her personal pool with the two geese that have adopted us. Rob was slightly surprised to find the builders there as the weather was so foul. But they have been working on the myrtle trim around the windows and doors- INSIDE. It looks great!

It may be a bit quiet here for the next few days- we're preparing for a big birthday party (40 people) at the block on Saturday. With a little surprise for the guests.


steve said...

Lookin good Marian. Your orchard sounds great. Love this water though we are doing a small reno and all our furniture had to be put outside for the last two days...ahem, so we're a bit distressed. The bright side is at least we didnt lose our house and posessions like those of our northern cousins on the mainland. Some damp chairs are small beer compared to what they've gone through

My Secret Rooms said...

I love the small window looking like a painting!
It sounds like your husband is getting quite the celebration - good for him :-)

I hope the flooding will end soon, sounds hard.

Sarah B said...

Gosh yes, hasn't the weather been crappy? I've been expecting the old roof here to give out.
Your myrtle window edging is gorgeous! It's such a lovely, warm timber. Just lovely :)

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