Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Rob and I took a week off. We jokingly called it our honeymoon.
We spent the entire week at the hut.
We (well mainly Rob!) painted the shed doors blue, painted the down pipes to match the roof, coated the remaining timber boards on the back of the laundry hut, oiled the internal timber walls, moved some furniture, moved the rest of our pot plants and planted them in the garden, and helped with the installation of our kitchen, which was very exciting.
It is so very close now.
We had perfect blue skies for most of the week, so one evening we took some shots of the hut with the lights on (mainly just for the novelty of switching them on!)

Some shots of the kitchen in progress- the bench tops are incredibly smooth to touch. Since these photos we have timber cladding and drawers on the back of the main bench, the internal drawer parts have been fitted above, the sink has been plumbed in and the oven and hotplate are installed. Progress shots to come.


Sarah B said...

It all looks so good! How nice to have a brand new kitchen to cook in. I love the high ceilings :)

Hazel said...

Thanks Sarah, we can't quite believe it's our house sometimes!!!!

Martina said...

Your new home is really lovely...lucky you!

Nell said...

Wow. WOW!! It's looking so amazing lovely. You guys must be so proud and excited for it to be finished. xxx

ps. Did I say wow already? xx

Katrina said...

It is looking incredibly gorgeous!

My Secret Rooms said...

I love it, it looks really good!

Emma Burgess said...

Wow, it's all looking wonderful. I could almost feel the cold air in the evening shots too. Just divine. Have a great week. Emma.

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