Monday, July 4, 2011

The best news

Sorry I have been a very slack blogger of late.

I do have a pretty good excuse- we have finally moved into our brand spanking new hut.

For the first couple of days it was quite surreal. We've waited a long time for this (4.5 years) and it didn't seem to matter how many times we've imagined it, the real thing is something else entirely.

Waking up during the night and looking out at the stars, I've forgotten how they are so much more spectacular away from a city.
Looking out the french doors in our bedroom at the bush opposite.
Watching Rob and the dogs go on their morning perimeter walk over the frosty grass.
Catching glimpses of the geese in our garden through a window as I wander by.
It is so quiet- which I love.

Everyone keeps asking us what's it like to finally be in; Rob and I decided it's like we're big children "playing" house.

We love our kitchen. Having everything in its proper place. A pantry where you can see everything. The perfect bench height for us. What seems likes acres of bench space. A new oven that works!

We've been so good since we've moved, we've been eating all of our meals at the table (we had slipped into couch meals before).

Our first weekend has been a whirl of cleaning, unpacking (still), baking, visits, planning for a high tea next week for Rob's daughter's 16th birthday, and a lovely dinner at Red Velvet Lounge in Cygnet (which as an aside was the best steak we've eaten in ages, with of course Béarnaise sauce, chips and salad- Rob commented that he wanted his last meal to be steak and chips cooked by Steve!)

So busy I didn't take any photos! So I will have to get myself organised pronto.

Finally this blog can begin properly- the hut chronicles have started for real.


Sarah B said...

That's great news! I can hear how happy you are - that's great!!

Nat said...


i was asked to take part in a "7 things" post and i chose your lovely blog as one to play along - only if you are interested that is.

either way have a lovely day and enjoy you beautiful new house! nat :)

Michelle said...

So happy for you both


Hazel said...

Thankyou Sarah, Nat & Michelle, I haven't felt this content in a long time! I will make sure we take some photos this weekend.

Martina said...

Congratulations! It just sounds idyllic! We are a long way from our countryside home dream but we'll get there one day! Looking forward to seeing some photos :)

Katrina said...

Wow, how amazing to be out in the peace and quiet. As someone who grew up in the country I'm feeling quite nostalgic (and a tad jealous)! Glad to hear you're enjoying it so much!

Anonymous said...

Sounds amazing...I would love to live in a wide open space such as this :)

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