Monday, July 25, 2011

My weekend

Normally I would say our weekend- but I think Rob would like to be disassociated with my new camera! The iphone app Instagram was my new favourite as I snapped away happily, editing the images by scrolling through the different looks. Sorry to the purists, I may never grasp photoshop or Lightroom, but this I can do!

The weekend was sunny, thank goodness. So we spent time indoors and out, baked and cleaned, moved gravel (well that was Rob) and had our friends around for a lazy Sunday afternoon bbq.

Nigella's Doughnut French Toast in bed.
Mid-afternoon winter sun in our bedroom.
A tuckered out puppy who fell asleep in her food bowl!
Nigella doing her best sad face. German Shepherds know how to work that look to their advantage!
Some lemon almond biscuits I cooked up.
I was struck by this strange double orange.
The hut ready for our bbq.

Well you may mock but I had fun!


Sarah B said...

No mocking here, I know how addictive it is. Your pics of your pups are gorgeous, especially the one with the bowl :)
I love the orange too - how special :)

Anonymous said...

My boys have iphones...I wonder if they will let me use this app on them :)
Love the look of that french toast.

Anonymous said...

Gotta get me on of those phones! Steve

My Secret Rooms said...

Oh, how I love your hut and your beautiful dogs!!
The puppy falling asleep on the bowl is too cute.

I really like your photos - I don't care for Photoshop either, and I too just found Instagram: fun!

Andrea Reh said...

I've wanted to try that Nigella recipe for ages - how was it? Looks delicious.

Andrea x

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