Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday's Menu

Hello again. Life is a little slow at the moment. But that's ok.
The days are noticeably longer now which we love.

Menu wise this week:

Monday: My mother made us a batch of Hungarian meat soup (a broth made from simmering marrow bones and vegetables) sounds a bit odd, but with some ramen noodles it was delicious, and I was taken back to when I was little and ate it at my Grandmother's house.
Tuesday: Mushroom and orange risotto. One of our favourites.
Wednesday: Pasta and meatballs.
Thursday: More soup.
Friday: We headed out for lunch of dumpling soup at Shoe Box, and a home-made wagon wheel from Raspberry Fool. For dinner Rob made beer battered flathead and served it with a rocket and fennel salad.
Saturday: Maggie Beer's Orange and soy chicken wings. These were really good. Will be on the menu again. Served again with fennel and rocket.
Sunday: Roasted vegetables on rocket.

What have you been eating at your place?



ally said...

Mushroom and orange risotto sounds good - do you share recipes??
Need to get to the Shoebox soon!!

Hope's Mama said...

Delish as always! We did fish tacos on the weekend, tried to make them like we had them in the states a few years ago. Otherwise it has been a slow fortnight for food and I've been running the freezer low of my emergency meal supplies!

Sarah B said...

Absolutely gourmet as usual Marian. The same cannot be said for me. Boring meals every night it seems, though as yesterday was so sunny I decided on a rice salad for dinner which I love. Roast tomato, onion and garlic in rice with parsley, olive oil, fetta cheese and pine nuts. Yum! About as gourmet as I get.
I've not heard of Raspberry Fool but that wagonwheel looks so nice!

Rowantree Design said...

Please, please can you share the recipe for the mushroom and orange risotto, if you say it's one of your favourites, don't leave us hanging.

Dee said...

After reading this I thought the wings sounded good. I searched Maggies site, no luck so i went for the books and found a recipe for Chicken wings with Orange. If its not the same one it sounded yummy anyway. They are now marinading and smelling great

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