Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday's Menu

Back on track.
Sorry I'm yet to fulfil my promise of a risotto recipe post, but I will get there.

This week has been another quiet one. The only trip out from the hut over the weekend was to head to nearby Kettering and walk around the point (waving to the Bruny Island ferry as we left) and around to Trial Bay. A nice little stroll through some Allocasuarina forest and then some open eucalypt forest.
The puppies loved it. First of all it was a new walk. Second of all it was nice and muddy, so they came back with mud splattered bellies and paws. Thirdly, whilst we sat on the park bench handily placed on the point to watch the ferry they could paddle, and "accidentally" go in too deep!


So the menu this week:

Monday: Beef Shin stew with boiled potatoes.
Tuesday: Beef Shin stew with added mushrooms, potatoes and broccoli.
Wednesday: Stir fry rice with omelette.
Thursday: Pasta with Parmigiano-Reggiano, peas and parsley.
Friday: Mt Gnomon pork chops braised in white wine, fennel and apple with mash.
Saturday: Slow cooked lamb shoulder, with potato gratin and peas.
Sunday: Lamb, barley and vegetable soup.

A few treats during the week included a lunch date at Tricycle for pork meatballs on white bean mash, and a flying visit to Sweet Envy on Friday for our favourite potato and rosemary bread, and a few sweet treats. Rob picked a lemon meringue doughnut (which apparently was excellent, he declared Alistair a genius) and I had a Bada bing chocolate caramel biscuit, which was very good but I struggled to finish it.

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend.



Sarah B said...

Sorry Marian, but the pups beat the food this week! They are so cute! I loved the story you posted in my comments today - that would have been so funny to watch. Don't they bring so much joy?
ps boy you guys eat so well. I say this as I have frozen chips cooking under the grill. How embarassing!!

Plus One Wee Bean's Mumma said...

Your yummies look so comfy!

Tash said...

Your stroll in the forest sounds so lovely Marian and I always get so hungry when I visit you here and on IG :)

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh that's the life, running in the water & waving to ferries, glorious, love Posie

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh that's the life, running in the water & waving to ferries, glorious, love Posie

caygraymomma said...

Oh your girls made me smile. Such adventure doggies. Playing a little catch up on your blog. Glad you got a date in with hubby this week. Mwah

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