Tuesday, April 8, 2014


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Maggie: I think they are finally getting used to the DSLR camera, so when I pull it out they don't act terrified. She was obviously tired out from her standing up practise (in the last week she worked out how to stand up from a squat without holding onto anything) and plonked herself down against the wall with her baby biscuit for a rest.  
Elisabeth: With the change back out of daylight savings the light coming in through the end window of the hut at the end of the day is earlier. It hit the wooden floor and lit up the girls hair. Elisabeth was multi-tasking pushing the toy stroller and eating, and it is possible she was also dancing.

Life is busy. The girls are busy little girls. I try not to over think the weekly portraits too much. I try to keep the photo shoot brief, perhaps 15 minutes maximum. It is still practise for me as I play with the manual settings for exposure, aperture, white balance, whilst chasing them around the room and trying to compose a photo. I still use auto focus as it's so much faster than I could be with the girls moving about, but I still try and aim for their eyes. I am slowly starting to develop the photos myself in Lightroom. I try not to dress them up, but prefer if they are clean-ish. I try to just capture them doing everyday activities. I hope that apart from the two images I share on the blog (I think I took about 200 yesterday) I capture a snapshot of their personalities and what they are up to at that point in their development. I hope one day they appreciate the portfolio of images as much as Rob and I do now.

Joining in with Jodi's 52 portrait project at Practising Simplicity.


Tara said...

Just gorgeous as always! Autumn light is my favourite; I must make more of an effort to get the camera out!

Anonymous said...

Lovely light!

Janelle said...

A lovely blog you have here, and what a beautiful place you live in! Your girls are gorgeous. The 52 Project would be a wonderful way to hone those photography skills, I'm just joining in with my very bad phone-camera shots, yours are way more impressive!

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