Monday, March 31, 2014


As I mentioned yesterday in my 52 portrait post, a basket of quinces has made me aware of the change in the seasons.

The days are shorter. The evenings and mornings cooler. The light is golden. I have mentioned before our love of this season. In our family it is a time of birthdays, including Rob's. Our wedding anniversary is coming up; three years have flown by. It is also now the time of year we will remember bringing home two tiny wee babies to care for. Thursday marks the twins first year at the hut.

Half of the quinces are in the process of becoming quince jelly. The girls seem fascinated with the remaining fruit in the basket, their downy skin, their heady smell, their strange taste - yes they nibbled them raw. I love to watch their fascination with new foods.

I have a quiet day at the hut with the girls and then tomorrow I return to work after a break. Not sure I'm looking forward to it!

 photo DSC_8688-5_zpsddf4db6b.jpg
 photo DSC_8671-1_zpsa2f5dcab.jpg
 photo DSC_8695-7_zpse5e0d673.jpg
 photo DSC_8691-6_zps76be1fc2.jpg
 photo DSC_8680-4_zpscac24753.jpg
 photo DSC_8675-2_zps8692d77c.jpg


Violet said...

The changing of seasons is always a time of reflection for me also. Here we are transitioning into spring with the bright new leaves on the trees and tiny sprouts in the flower beds out front.

I hope you have a lovely autumn full of even more sweet memories. Happy upcoming homecoming anniversary to Maggie and Elisabeth, happy upcoming anniversary to you and Rob, and happy upcoming birthday to Rob!

ally said...

Gorgeous golden light Marian
A year in the hut - its been a delight to follow their journey

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