Sunday, May 4, 2014


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Maggie: watching the rain pour down outside while they ate a lunch of cold sausages and warm mash potatoes. They are practising using spoons at the moment. Often most of the food is flicked over their shoulder or dropped into their bib before the spoon gets into their mouth but we cheer them all the same. This week she has started singing along to songs on the radio, her cute high-pitched voice makes me smile every time.
Elisabeth: after walking last weekend, she still prefers to crawl or be carried. She will walk but it isn't her preferred method of transport yet. They can both recognise a growing list of words and point to the object or part of their body. We made an appointment this week to see an eye surgeon about her blocked tear duct, as it has been badly infected for a few weeks, despite eye washing, breast milk, and antibiotic eye drops. It has been blocked since before she left the NICU. But we have been hoping it would unblock itself like Maggie's did. Of course as soon as the appointment was locked in, the eye has improved dramatically, but we will go along all the same.

Joining in with the 52 portrait project at Practising Simplicity. 

Cabin fever has set in at the hut. I do keep meaning to take the girls outside to take their weekly portraits, but their cold and the dreary cold weather has prevented it. Last week I made a list of activities that make either Rob or myself happy; as varied as a neat and tidy garden, to visiting Mt Field National Park to see the autumn colours of Nothofagus gunnii. Even though it was raining yesterday we packed the pram with the rain cover, sleeping bags, polar fleece suits and beanies. We headed to the botanical gardens and took a walk around. The fresh air and getting out of the hut did do wonders for our state of mind.


miranda said...

I am not looking forward to winter and keeping my two little ones occupied when it is too wet/cold to head outside without too much discomfort.
Maybe I need a list too :)

Lovely portraits as usual!

Rosie said...

Gorgeous girls, as always! My friend from mothers group and I were just saying yesterday that the kids really need to get out every day at the moment - whilst it's hard work sometimes, they enjoy it so much, and the days I'm too tired to take him end up being hard work anyway because he (and I!) end up with cranky cabin fever anyway! It's really hard when they're not quite walking though - wet ground makes it very messy!

Overberg said...

Beautiful photos! It's such a great idea to photograph them weekly, it's amazing when you look back and see how far they have come!

ally said...

Gorgeous portraits!
I always found outdoor time helpful - our double pram rain cover got a lot of use!!

Tara said...

We had the most glorious winter's day on Saturday. Spent it in the garden (as evidenced on Instagram). My sunny mood was totally undone by Little Man REFUSING to sleep for 99% of Saturday night. And then the wet miserable Sunday.


I would have gone for a walk, the brisk wintery wind always helps clear the head, but Little Man is still coughing so we stayed home.

Anonymous said...

Getting out is the best, especially with a small house - our double pram raincover and sleeping bag (:-)) got a lot of use. I hope things get easier. Kellie (Gibbergunyah)

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