Monday, June 16, 2014


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Guest photographer this week, Rob took some photos when we were at the park.

Maggie: It was such a cold afternoon, but we'd organised for the girls and Rob to come and visit a park near my workplace after I finished early. It was their first park visit and they loved it. Dare devil babies wanted to go down slides (with us holding them of course), on swings, climb up and down steps, on a roundabout. Possibly more interesting were the two other little girls at the park, whom Maggie is looking at here.
Elisabeth: I bought them these fleece suits for winter, they look quite ridiculous in them, but cute all the same. 

Joining in with the 52 portrait project at Jodi's blog Practising Simplicity.

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Margaret said...

The girls look super cosy in those suits, which I am sure is needed some days down there.
Isn't it great watching them enjoy new experiences, a good way to start them off on a slide when they are little, is feet first on their tummy, you can have a hand on their back ( to regulate speed) and say ready , set, go and let them move down the slide. They soon learn to use their hands as brakes and are very confident coming down this way when they are big enough to climb up themselves, which is sooner than you think : )
They both look so grown up , out in the big world...looks like you all had fun.

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