Tuesday, May 26, 2015


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Maggie: She is ridiculously tough this girl of ours. This week after procrastinating about it for some time we took them for their flu vaccinations. I needed one too. Both girls watched in quiet horror as I got my needle. I held Maggie on my lap for hers, and she didn't make a noise, no crying nothing. Just a fierce glare at the nurse. Both the Doctor and nurse were highly surprised by just how brave she was. Poor Elisabeth though by now was clutching her arm and saying "no", when we said we needed to pull up her sleeve, Maggie warned her "no way!' Elisabeth only cried a little, and by the time we left the surgery she had recovered her good humour enough to say goodbye to the receptionist. Elisabeth told Rob "there's a hole in my arm."
Elisabeth: She is getting very descriptive about her feelings and needs. "I'm tired", "I'm hungry, eggs and bacon please", "I'm sick". She is also very into friends at the moment, she declares "Maggie is my friend "all day long. Their morning greeting is too sweet to witness. 

Joining in with Jodi's 52 portraits.

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Sandra Miller said...

As always those gorgeous little eyes tell such healthy stories.
Bless you two lil munchkins. Love watching you grow E & M!!

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