Tuesday, June 16, 2015


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Maggie: Last week I noted that I thought Elisabeth must be growing as she was out of sorts. Wishful thinking. She developed croup on Monday night, and has been unwell (despite the steroids) all week. Of course Maggie developed the diagnostic seal bark cough on Sunday night, so she and I are struggling this week with being sick. So in an effort to get them to eat or drink I resorted to yoghurt icy poles. 
Elisabeth: She actually requested a blue wrapper icy pole! We are working on "May I have" or "Could I please" rather than "I want". She has also worked out names, and can rattle off Maggie Simone, Elisabeth Hazel, Papa is Rob and Mama is Marian.

Joining in with Jodi's 52 portrait project at Practising Simplicity.


Margaret said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear you are dealing with sickness, croup can be quite scary. My daughter had a few bouts when she was little and the doctor said to always have her inside by 3 o'clock as that is when the air changes and affects the breathing.
Hope you are all feeling better soon.

Marian Hazel said...

Thanks Margaret- yes we kept them inside as it was pretty cold this week in Tas. We are on the mend now, and I hope it stays that way at least for a week!

Paul Quinn said...

I’m sorry to hear that both your little ones had to go through all that. Croup can be very problematic for young children, especially if they find it very hard to breathe. The yoghurt icy poles was a nice touch to get them eating and hydrated while they were still out of sorts. Anyway, I hope they started to get better soon after. Take care!

Paul Quinn @ MedCare Pediatric

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