Monday, June 6, 2016


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Maggie: An East coast Low weather front has moved down from mainland Australia along the east coast of Tasmania. The rain started on Saturday night and hasn't really stopped. There has been a lot of gazing out the window at the constant rain. Rob took these portraits of the girls on the window seat.
Elisabeth: The girls have decided they need to do some toilet training. We are still working on getting to the potty before they wee not after the fact!

Playing catch up so we have finally on time with the 52 portraits project.

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Margaret said...

Oh the curls, so cute and pretty, I couldn't afford detangler spray when my girl was littl, so I just mixed some conditioner with water and used an empty spray bottle, works well with the morning tangles and tears of hair brushing.
When they are toilet training they have to get to the point where they recognise the feeling of wee coming soon. I was dressing one of the kids I used to Nanny, he was sitting on the change table after a bath and the wee just started coming....he was as surprised as I was even though we were on the way to good training, so there will be accidents.

It is best not to ask 'do you want to do a wee' it seems to work much better if you tell them 'time to try for a wee, let's see if one is hiding'

When you comment or praise for weeing in the toilet don't forget the 'in the toilet' or it can get confusing as to what is expected.

You should have this sorted easily as kids will copy, so once one is doing well the other will soon catch up.

It is such a steep learning curve as you all find your way through the early years.

Have fun😊

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