Monday, August 8, 2011

Good food weekend

The weather in Hobart was grey, rainy and cool.
This meant it was a perfect weekend for baking and cooking at the hut.
We had a little lunch party on Sunday to prepare for.
So we headed into town on Saturday morning to shop for vegetables, herbs and fresh ocean trout. Luckily C & C cupcake factory are now going to be at Salamanca markets, so we stocked up on salted chocolate chip biscuits, chocolate meringues (nice and nutty with hazels) and chocolate brownies. We also picked up a few loaves of bread from Pigeon Hole.

For Sunday's lunch we made 3 dips (hummus, red pepper and baba ghanooj), drained yoghurt for labnee, crispy lavosh and pitta bread, green beans in tomato, ocean trout with a tahini/yoghurt sauce topped with coriander, mint, chilli, red onion, walnut and sumac salad, a Persian love cake, and baklawa. Sorry the only dish I took a photo of was the baklawa straight out of the oven. It smelled delightful and extravagantly I used pistachios so it was very pretty! Lunch was lovely, but we all felt extremely full afterwards, in fact I struggled to eat breakfast this morning.
Last but not least, our favourite avocadoes are back in season- Reed. They're huge, but their flesh is so buttery, we ate them in a salad with some crispy cos lettuce earlier in the week.



Pauline said...

The avocado salad looks great :) Must seek out some soon. Thanks for the baklava today, it was sweet and delicious, perfect for late afternoon snacking!

Sarah B said...

Everything looks and sounds so delicious! I am still yet to make it to that shop with the cheese you mentioned. With all this crappy weather there's not much to do but eat!

My Secret Rooms said...

Wow! I'm getting really hungry reading this post! What cooks you are, I'm fascinated.
To be able to grow avocados, that seems truly exotic to me!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness! Is it possible to be starving at bedtime? Your weekend fare sounds delectable. That salad looks like perfection! YUM!

Katrina said...

Delicious! Thanks for the inspirational cooking tales :)

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