Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday's Menu

Loving daylight savings, but I struggled this morning to wake up.

This weeks Monday's Menu collage looks a little bare.

Monday: Mushroom, asparagus and bacon risotto.
Tuesday: Broccoli and potato frittata (our own broccoli) with a side of wilted silver beet.
Wednesday: I ate so many left overs for lunch I just snacked on some nuts for dinner. Rob, having been to the gym tucked into a big plate of you guessed it, cooked greens from the garden.
Thursday: We had dinner at my parents, my mother had made lasagne.
Friday: Rib eye steak with baked potatoes and asparagus.
Saturday: Beef curry with chickpeas, lentils, silver beet and carrots, with pappadums.
Sunday: Curry take two, with added steamed pumpkin and little waxy potatoes.

The curry is a winner, and I'm pretty sure we'll have it for dinner tonight, if not tomorrow night. I may sound like I'm sick of silver beet, but we're not. Harvesting greens just prior to eating them has totally changed my appreciation of them. They taste so much better. I know everyone tells you that, but it's true. Try it.

What's been on the menu at your place?



Sarah B said...

Eating anything from the garden is so good - it tastes so much better and you get the extra bonus feel-good factor of thinking you are doing a very good thing.
Your curry looked yummy - do you have a recipe?
I haven't been very inspied in the kitchen ;ately, but tonoght Lyn had fresh flathead grilled in foil with butter, ships and fresh prawns whilst I had grilled haloumi and zucchini with cauli, carrot and broc that I sauteed with oilive oil and parmesan cheese. Yum!
ps thanks for your email :)

My Secret Rooms said...

Ohhhhh, all those wonderful meals! Looks very inviting :-)

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