Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Flowers

Despite being neglected our flower garden is still producing blooms. The local fruit and veg shop always sells potted Chrysanthemums around Mother's Day each year. We bought a few last year then planted them out in the garden.
So we have been rewarded with flowers to bring in this year for vases.
Rob ducked out yesterday and picked up another 8 plants.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions about privacy and blogging. It feels right at the moment to bring back my regular food and gardening posts and I'll throw in a few baby posts in between. Might even join in Jodi's 52 portrait series. The thing is, I really value my online community of friends, and some of you have helped me in ways you might not have imagined by sharing your lives and experiences. I think it is important to not just take from friendships, be them real or virtual, but to give back as well. Which forms part of my desire to keep blogging.
The girls had their 4 month vaccinations on Tuesday and are not quite themselves yet. I'm hoping to get a few power naps in this afternoon, so best go.


Sarah B said...

Your. Chrysanthemums look wonderful Marian. I have a few fancy ones in my backyard and have noticed one is actually flowering. I think I'm supposed to pick all but one buds off to make the main flower big, but I just can't do it!
Have a lovely weekend and I hope the girls are feeling better soon x

Little Nan said...

Our garden is looking quite bare at the moment so off to the local flower market, where I bought lots of bunches of dahlias and chrysanthemums!
So happy your regular weekly posts are back!! I've missed them! I need you to inspire me once again, in the kitchen and in the garden!! (see, beacause of you, pumpkin soup is on the menu this weekend!) x

Jane said...

Ah, gorgeous Marian. It takes a while to get your bearings with newborns, let alone navigate social media to boot. Sam was 1 when I started blogging so I didn't have to work it out like you're having to. Just post when you can - we're not going anywhere! J x

Offer KINDNESS. Choose GENEROSITY. Give LOVE! said...

So happy you are here to share!
What gorgeous blooms. Wow!

Anonymous said...

They're really pretty colours aren't they :) I struggle with getting flowers to grow up here, must research a little more what I can use...or I should just pick the brains of some of the older folks around, I drive past some beautiful gardens!

Have a great day! Leanne H x

ketz said...

We also have a warm climate here but I'm still hoping to have this beautiful thing. Maybe I can try now :)

Castlerock Landscape

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