Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Today, I know...

Baby snuggles are the best type of snuggle.

I can sleep through the girls crying, lights on and Rob poking me!

Mastitis is horrid. Truly. I haven't felt so sick or such pain in a long time. Labor, amniotic fluid needle drains and caesarian recovery included.

Sun, fresh air and daylight are lovely things.

Babies can poo and vomit all over the place. Although they seem to save it up for Papa.

I know I was adamant about no pink. But I have to admit, it suits our baby girls very well.

Even doing one trivial house chore a day, like dusting, makes me feel like I've achieved so much.

Rob and I are a good team. Yesterday was our 2nd wedding anniversary, we celebrated by visiting my GP for a flu vaccination. French cheese for lunch. An afternoon snooze. Rob made us mini roast lambs (he used shanks) in quince jelly with potato stacks and peas. Then more sleep.

German Shepherds are very tolerant dogs. Both Nigella and Claudia have accepted the girls into their pack. They don't always approve of their crying though.

That for tiny babies, Maggie and Elisabeth are full of character! Today they are 18 weeks old (4 weeks corrected). I got my first pre-feed, eyes open smile from Maggie today.

My blogging may be less regular, although looking back on last year, I don't want to stop. If I have time I might even bring back Monday Menu, even if only for our interest. I don't know about you, but I'm finding blogger a very tiresome program to comment on your blog posts, especially on my phone. I find Instagram or even Facebook so much easier for interactions. But I am still reading your posts. I find blogging a slightly selfish hobby at the moment, but I do want to record this very special year in our lives.
I've been thinking too about our privacy, and what to share. Do any of you have thoughts/concerns/opinions about that?


Holli said...

They are just adorable. Beautiful. Precious.

I struggle with privacy sometimes also, but I love looking back on photos and stories that I may have forgotten.

Be as selfish as you like, save up your time to spend with your beautiful family.

I would love to follow you on Instagram but I can't find your Instagram name anywhere.

I too was a 'non pink' kind of girl but oh they have some sweet baby pinks and clothes that I can't resist.



Rachael said...

They are gorgeous, they really are! xxx

Tara said...

I do hope you keep blogging. I am a new follower but I so enjoy your posts and the beautiful photos of your girls and the Hut. I love the stories you share about your new normal. xx

Megan Landmeier said...

Keep blogging, but please, do put a big ol' watermark over those lovely girls! (I had some photos of my Ellie stolen this year, but my watermark helped a LOT!)

Phoebe said...

Oh they are so gorgeous!

mumofsix said...

Lovely photos. I think pink is inevitable and rather nice. I wouldn't have minded a bit more! All those biys and also pink wasn't great with Tillsy's red hair. She looked good in purple and brown.

I think privacy is such a tricky one. I feel I am not posting so much on IG because of some peoples negative experiences. Xxxx

Jane said...

Oh Marian. More Mama stripes earnt. I wasn't blogging or on IG when the pixies were small so I can't imagine how I would have handled it. I have a definite rule of no bath, unpleasant faces or topless shots. Hope that helps! J x

CBH said...

Selfishly, I hope you keep blogging I like how you write it is very descriptive and I can picture the scene really well.

I think you have mastered all the positives of social media and made lots of connections and friends around the world.

If you want to use your blog as a journal/document of the first year of the girls' lives have you considered password/making private those blog posts? One blog I read has some posts that are private while not making the entire blog private.

Hoping winter doesn't arrive too soon for you (cold night feeds), but wishing my summer, even just spring would arrive (and stay!).


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