Sunday, April 19, 2015


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Maggie: (on the right) Yesterday we took a picnic lunch and met my parents and brother at the Salmon Ponds at Plenty. The girls had a great time, feeding the fish, watching the platypus, running on the grass and kicking piles of autumn leaves. They especially liked the Angler's Hall of Fame, a perfect hut shaped building (exactly the same size as our dreamed of third hut). Maggie was also pretty taken with the platypus and wanted to "touch it please". 
Elisabeth: (now on the right) She has just been out gardening with her Papa. Apparently she has taken ownership of the veggie plot, telling her Papa it is "my garden". She also demanded to have a yellow envelope of seeds in her pockets just like Papa. 
Both photos were taken by Rob.

Joining in with Jodi at Practising Simplicity.


Mandy said...

Oh just gorgeous! Love their jumpers! They do like to have seeds or whatever just like the grown up don't they? lol

gabrielle said...

love the light on her face in your second pic...looks like you have had to bring out the winter clothes where you are too

Carie said...

Aww they're such gorgeous girls and I love that Elisabeth has taken over the veg patch - it's so much fun to grow your own food!

carlien said...

I have loved watching these two grow! Look how big they are now!

Mandy/The Mandy Diaries said...

I wish I had their shoe collection!

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