Wednesday, February 3, 2016


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Maggie: This girl. When she doesn't want to go to sleep she can resist for so long. She can cry this angry cry that tears your heart in two. She can refuse pesto, salad, mushrooms, with a quick but polite "no thank you". She can tell me "not yet" when I say it's time to go home. But she can also smile until her eyes crinkle up. She can snuggle up to me and say "Mama I love you". We went to an afternoon tea to raise funds for the families of premature babies. She and Elisabeth latched onto two older girls (probably about 9 or 10) and we were amazed to see Maggie take charge! "ok guys follow me, we're going to do...."
Elisabeth: She is going through a stage of not wanting to go to family day care. As we get ready to leave, "can I stay home?", at varying intervals on the trip in (about 15 minutes) she will repeat the question. She usually perks up and runs into the carer's home, eager to check out the new activity for the day. But as we say goodbye, she turns to us and with a fake cry, "MamaPapa (yes in one word), can I go home". We tell her gently no, she needs to stay, we know she will have a good day. She always does! Last night when we started driving down our driveway "can't I go back to care, I don't want to go home!"
Rob took both these portraits on Monday night.

Joining in with Jodi's 52 portrait project.

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