Monday, May 16, 2011

Impatient to be there

This photo was taken at Easter, some landscaping has happened since, but poor Rob has been flat chat trying to actually work as well as chase up numerous fitting choices such as lights and carpet etc., that I haven't had the heart to ask for a more recent photo.

I have to say I'm over this whole building caper. I should be more excited than I am.
But well, I'm not. Not excited by mess and mud. Not excited about chasing up lights because we didn't realise the house hadn't been wired for low voltage lights. Of the timber not turning up for the internal walls.

I walked around inside on my own yesterday, looking at each room. Trying to picture us there. It's so lovely and quiet inside our hut. It was blowing a gale outside but the sound was muted inside, I felt protected from the Autumn weather.

We were both happy to see our celery top kitchen benchtops start to take shape at the builders workshop. That was definitely pleasing to see! The myrtle window seat and bookshelves look gorgeous too.

I think I'll be excited when I hold that occupancy certificate in my hand. Or when I get to put our things into the kitchen or our wardrobe. Make our bed and go to sleep that first night in our bedroom.

Hopefully our wait is nearly over.


Emma Burgess said...

Sounds exciting to be seeing your new kitchen take shape, hope its a great week for you. Emma.

Sarah B said...

I've never built a house but know a few people who have and I think they all got to a point where they said they'd never do it again!
It hopefully wont be too long and you'll be able to move it. It will all be worth it then :)

Hazel said...

Thanks Emma and Sarah. It will be worth it, but sometimes I'd love to just go to sleep and wake up at the hut!

manda said...

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ut si said...

I built my home almost 20 years ago & still I recognize your feelings. x

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