Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A delivery

Today we had friends down to the hut for lunch: our standard Lebanese feast, followed by a chocolate pavlova with raspberries.

But in the final rush to get things together, an important delivery occurred.
Our pavers, well 80% of them.
Some have got these intricate patterns on them we're calling fossils. We've got some hard work ahead of us in the next 3 weeks! Rob has been making up a little paper version to work out the right pattern, and couldn't resist playing with the real thing.


Rowantree Design said...

Ahhh looks like you are laying the French pattern, which I love and have here in my back garden. The fossill prints, I havn't seen them before! they look awesome! Happy paving! Can't imagine what extraordinary culinary delight you are cooking for christmas...hmmmmm

ally said...

that's a huge job - good luck!
love the patterning on them

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