Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodnight 2011

Today has been spent preparing the base for our paving, it was hot, dusty, thankless work. Although the whacker bit was exciting to watch. Claudia didn't help there, deciding it would be fun to chase the water spray and generally get in the way.
At one stage we had to stop and watch as a wedge tail eagle got harassed by a pair of forest ravens. Watching them swoop above us is literally awesome, to use an abused adjective.
I'm afraid I wasn't as helpful this afternoon. The crusher dust needed to be screed and I was getting in the way.
Added to the fact we were both hot and hadn't eaten lunch, we were a little tetchy. So to cheer us up I went food shopping and have made Stephanie Alexander's chicken Provençal for our last meal of 2011. It is just simmering away nicely, the smell of chicken, tomatoes and garlic pervading through the hut.
So we bid 2011 a fond farewell. It was a big year for us. We sprung our surprise wedding on our family and friends, I became an aunt for the first time, and we finally moved into our hut.
It is truly lovely at the hut, and we don't take a moment for granted, after a four year wait to get here. Having our own home has been very important to both of us. I feel settled and content, not constantly wishing I was elsewhere, or using up time until we could be here.
Happy New Year to you all. I look forward to sharing another year with you, who knows what chapters we might add to the Hut Chronicles in 2012.


Coal Valley View said...

I'm happy for you Hazel! Sounds like a great year and I'm looking forward to reading about the next chapters in the Hut Chronicles :-) Happy New Year! Mel x

Pauline said...

I've really enjoyed reading your blog, and what a year it's been! I'm looking forward to the next chapters, as always. Happy new year! :)

Sarah B said...

It's been a great year for you with lots of great happenings. I wish you a great year this year. I'm happy to see 2012!
Boy oh boy your paving is going to look amazing! X

Little Nan said...

Hope 2012 continues to provide your little family with many wonderful new memories! And I can't wait to read about them! Love Kelly x

ally said...

Happy New Year Hazel
I'm looking forward to more Hut Chronicles in 2012

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh what a wonderful year & the amazing life you'll have in that hut with those gorgeous puppies. Especially with all the glorious food you create.
A surprise wedding, how adorable, one day we'll reveal to our family that we eloped & actually got married 6 months before our 'wedding' as my husband couldn't wait (he was 25, old bachelor, & we really wanted something private & personal, just us!!) Guess what, 15 years later . . . our children still wonder why we don't celebrate our wedding anniversary or confirm the date, tee hee. I kind of like little secrets, happy ones filled with love.
Woof to those puppies, my German Shepherd is all over my blog today & my husband said it made him so homesick to see Khan in all his glory at the beach, love Posie

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