Saturday, December 3, 2011

Slowing down

Yesterday afternoon I felt utterly exhausted. The combination of a very busy work week (writing and compiling a 12 page newsletter and managing some media with a federal government department) and the tree making and gazing until late at night finally hit me. After working through lunch then running off at 3 for a roll from Jackman & McRoss, we grabbed a family pie and rushed back to work. I'd had enough by 5.30, so after dropping Rob at his real tennis game headed to Bottega Rotolo for chocolate. Cute squares of Belgian and French chocolate for the advent calendar. I also stocked up on baking supplies from the supermarket, buying an obscene amount of butter! What finally did me in was the post match beer, we headed home and realized we couldn't be bothered even to heat up the pie! So we had a few slices of toast with peanut butter. True to my promise of giving Rob my undivided attention, we snuggled up on the window seat to gaze at the tree. Both of us fell asleep, and woke up a little disorientated about an hour and half later!
Today's grey and showery weather had kept indoors. This morning after our gym class we did some shopping at Norman & Dan, they had the most gorgeous array of chocolates! We picked up a few for gifts, including cigars and pocket knifes. Neither of us could resist these Christmas pudding mugs.
I have finished Rob's notes, wrapped some more gifts, and baked another Christmas cake.
I'm writing this whilst laying on the window seat, watching the clouds behind the hill, as the light slowly fades. I know I've probably told you this but I love living at the hut.


Sarah B said...

You keep reminding me I must go to Bottego R. For a look. I do like Norman and Dann. I was given some of their chocolates recently - yum!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Are you going to the designed;made market? I will assuming the weather is not too bad :)

Pauline said...

Your hut sounds like a dream to live in :) That's what home is all about right? Reading your blog makes me so very happy!

ally said...

I love your advent calendar
And must try Bottego too

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